Blacktop Hoops: Blue's Bedroom Environment
Blacktop Hoops: Blue's Bedroom Environment

Part of my contribution to Blacktop Hoops involved creating cinematic lighting with corresponding light maps, texture, color adjustments, VFX (light shafts, dust particles) as well as asset optimization and object culling to hit performance goals. There were a lot of new techniques that I got to learn, as well as working closely with the development team in a technical artist role.

I also really enjoy how warm the colors became with the added lights in the scene!

Special thanks to some of the people I worked closely with on this level:
Koji Tsukamoto, Annabel Hartmann, Sarthak Shrestha, Cody Rowland, Maciej Szczesnik, Bo O'Connor, Jonathan Lin, and fantastic job to everyone on our awesome team who had a hand in bringing this all together!

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