Blacktop Hoops: Athens Environment
Blacktop Hoops: Athens Environment

Here is the Athens Level that appears within the VR game Blacktop Hoops.
I got to work heavily on the Athens environment to help bring the concept to life. My responsibilities included Initial Lighting passes, updates to final lightmaps, textures and models for grass and background assets, color adjustments, VFX (character constellations, lightshafts, and helping with flame FX) as well as final asset optimization and object culling passes to hit multiplayer performance goals.

Creating the custom shader for the movement of the stars was quite a fun challenge for me to figure out to balance VR and performance limitations while still staying true to the original concept and I feel it ties the night-time scene together in this epic overarching style.

Special thanks to some of the people I worked closely with on this level:
Koji Tsukamoto, Giancarlo Lari, Sarthak Shrestha, Bo O'Connor, Cody Rowland, Maciej Szczesnik, Jonathan Lin, and fantastic job to everyone on our awesome team who had a hand in bringing this all together!

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