Snowball Fight (AAU Collab)
Snowball Fight (AAU Collab)

I was the 3D Art Lead for the AAU collab project in the spring and fall of 2021, working with a team of model and texture artists. We worked with the design teams to help build out game levels to fit the narrative, follow the level design, and assist player pathing.
This game is still in an early alpha stage.

As the 3D Art Lead for the Snowball Project I was responsible for the following:

- Planned project progress and assigned tasks through Trello
- Communicated consistently with the 3D art team, the design team, and project directors
- Performed group critiques every week on all 3D work
- Ensured the art style remained consistent throughout the semester
- Created and maintained naming convention and file guidelines
- Monitored, maintained, and uploaded the live Unreal project in Perforce
- Performed live demos when questions came up from team members
- Made modeling adjustments to meshes when necessary
- Built out the environment in Unreal Engine to replace the block-out while adhering to established level design and player pathing
- Performed all environmental staging throughout the level
- Created lighting and atmospheric effects
- Imported meshes/textures and created materials in Unreal Engine
- Created LODs in Unreal for assets
- Manage optimizations for foliage and landscapes
- Created Landscape assets
- Created materials for landscapes and water
- Modeled and textured snow forts and roads